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We need to talk about a very powerful topic today. The Opioid Addiction. Last I heard is killing 91 Americans every day with millions more being needlessly addicted to these horrible drugs—all of them! I don’t even need to name names here… Any opioid drug is highly addictive and highly unnecessary.

There’s a technique in applied kinesiology and how it uses all the different disciplines: acupuncture, chiropractic, medical massage techniques, nutrition, visualization and other fantastic holistic healthy techniques. We’re going to focus on acupuncture today which is about one tenth of what an applied kinesiologist will do for you. There’s a specific applied kinesiology technique using acupuncture where the doctor will discern which one of the 365 points approximately in your body is most active regarding you and your pain. He or she will then tap that point for about two minutes, often tapping a point on the spine that corresponds with it. 

This is how we bring in chiropractic and acupuncture together, along with muscle testing. After two minutes of tapping your pain will be diminished greatly if not totally gone. Your doctor will then show you how to tap the point at home. Your body is the greatest pharmacy in the world and Candace Pert when she discovered (a brilliant scientist who discovered the endorphin) she named it endorphin to stand for endogenous internal, endogenous morphine, opioid.You make your own opioids. We can release that with you by using applied kinesiology techniques. So it’s such a better way if you get your applied kinesiologists; have this technique done; this specific acupuncture.

You can tap it yourself and release your own endorphins, which block pain going into the brain and endorphins are protein-based (they’re based on protein) so as long as you’re eating a protein or getting enough protein with whey protein (high quality whey protein concentrate) or just make sure you’re eating enough protein this technique will do wonders for your pain—whatever it is, whatever the cause was. 

Shingles or low back pain, sometimes headaches…it will do wonders if you can just get your applied kinesiologist (and we have some great ones listed here on the website) or you can go to the or and find some great applied kinesiologist to do this acupuncture technique on you. Make sure you’re getting your protein in your body, and tap away. It’s so much better to do a healthy thing to release the endorphins in your own body than to take it through drugs.

I often say drugs are only the answer if, “How can I kill myself?” is the question. Most of the time. So, if you don’t want to get addicted to drugs (and who does? It destroys lives and kills people—either quickly or slowly) you do this acupuncture technique… Boom! The pain just goes away immediately and you stay in control of your own body instead of being a slave to a drug. This is Dr. Eugene Charles. To your great health and your free life of no addiction to anything. Being in control of your own life, that’s what (and why) we’re here for you. That’s why I’m here for you… To help you have a healthier and happier life have a fantastic day.



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