How to Use CBD Products for Daily Pain Relief


I have had chronic pain for the last 10-plus years, and I’ve tried pretty much everything that western medicine has to offer. (tense music) The main cause of my pain is endometriosis. Basically, my vagina and abdomen area, lower back, all of that good stuff hurt all of the time. But to be honest, no surgery, amount of yoga, prescription pill, anything that I’ve tried, has helped me as much as CBD has.

 All the products that I’m gonna show you today are very high in CBD and have low to no THC so that I can go about my day without being stoned out of my gourd. These are the products that I use every day. The first one are these premium gel caps. It’s just 25 milligrams of CBD. They help me so much with getting an appetite because one of my biggest symptoms with endometriosis is constantly feeling sick to my stomach, nauseous, never wanting to eat. Next up, I have this vapor pen from Select CBD. The reason I really like Select is because they have peppermint flavor, that for me, helps me a lot. Like I said, I’m nauseous a lot, so getting this, like, quick ingestion with a little peppermint flare where I don’t have to have the oil in my mouth is, like, all I can ask for. This is called Mad Ritual. It’s just a little balm that I use specifically on my abdomen and lower back. It doesn’t feel as heavy as other balms and some lotions that I’ve tried, either. And you don’t need to use very much of it, which is great because some of these balms can be pretty pricey. These are called basics suppositories. So it’s a CBD suppository. If you don’t know what a suppository is, it’s like this little thing of CBD that I put directly into my vagina.

 So it goes right to the problem area during my period or when I’m having a particularly bad endometriosis flare. This is kind of specific to endometriosis, but I had to include them because half the population has periods. This is a lotion that I love from Sagely. It’s just, it’s called relief and recovery, which is why I started trying it, because anything that says relief, I really like.

 What I love about Sagely products is that they smell very natural and they have pretty good

ingredients in them, and they also go on non-greasy, very white, and they smell nice. So it’s kind of like you’re just putting on, like, your daily lotion, but you’re getting pain relief benefits from it. This is another good option for anti-inflammatory lotion. This is a really great option for just a day-to-day, especially if you’re like me, and you’re typing or on your phone all the time, I use this a lot on my wrists to kind of help relieve.

 This is just a simple, basic CBD tincture. I don’t really like tinctures because I don’t like putting oil directly into my mouth ’cause it’s a weird texture thing for me. So this one, I mix with a drink and do it that way. This has taken me a couple of years to figure out what works for me. And unfortunately, with CBD, it is a lot of trial and error. But for me, all that trial and error has been 100% worth it because now, I use it every day. I really look forward to the day when CBD is as commonly used as aspirin because I truly believe in it, and I truly believe in its effects, and I think it could help a lot of people.

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